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Ultra compact dosing system

For the first time, central metering systems do not require a pump at all, thanks to a metering process that is unique in the world. This makes the systems extremely low-maintenance, space-saving and cost-effective.

The dosing systems can be configured for up to four washer extractors. Dosing takes place in a breathtakingly short time and, depending on the dosing quantity and product property, with an accuracy of up to 3 milliliters.

The new, exceptionally compact central dosing systems offer a whole range of other advantages that are of particular interest to operators of smaller laundry and dry-cleaning facilities, for example old people’s and nursing homes, retirement homes, hotels or hospitals.

Extensive accessories to reduce costs

Extensive accessories for optimizing operations, reducing costs and protecting our environment:
As for central dosing systems – a wide range of accessories and options is available for central dosing systems: for example, Permatech production data acquisition (PDA), a washing machine temperature monitoring system, a waterproof tablet PC for controlling and monitoring, a booster pump, or an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Worldwide unique measuring method

Economical and environmentally friendly

Permatech is the first supplier in the world to be able to offer metering systems entirely without a metering pump thanks to the innovative measuring process based on the Venturi principle. Since compressed air is very cost-intensive as an energy source and control medium, Permatech relies on purely electrical operation and does not use pneumatics. This saves energy and operating costs and considerably reduces the installation effort.

The extremely precise dosing also significantly reduces detergent consumption. Central metering systems are characterized by their extremely low power consumption. The use of two flow meters eliminates the need for risky gauging.

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