Advantages of Permatech liquid dosing systems

Permatech revolutionary liquid dispensing systems

Permatech dosing systems save their users money. You will achieve total cost leadership in the shortest possible time through significant savings in:

  1. Detergent
  2. Water
  3. Waste water
  4. Energy and
  5. Personnel expenditure

are significantly reduced.

Clear comprehensive controlling

Permatech liquid dosing systems allow you to monitor your washing machine fleet and processes in real time, centrally from your desk. Fully automated, detailed reporting and ongoing process documentation included.

Reducing total cost of ownership to a new dimension.

Make a significant contribution to environmental protection.
What could be better?

  • Even when conventional dosing systems are used:
    Virtually everywhere in textile care is unknowingly highly overdosed.
  • pDOSm dispensing systems dispense in real time to an accuracy of 1 gram,
    smartDOS dispensing systems are accurate to 1 to 3 milliliters, depending on the configuration.
    This leads to significant cost savings in detergent consumption.
  • Conventional liquid dosing systems consume a lot of chemicals due to long lines.
    Dosing technology from Permatech significantly reduces chemical consumption.

Permatech users are total cost of ownership world champions.

  • Highly accurate liquid product dosing exactly according to recipe specification
  • As a result, the quality level is always the same.
  • The quality of the washing result can always be guaranteed.

First class cleanliness & hygiene – guaranteed quality.

  • up to 16 washing machines per pDOSm
  • up to 20 products (detergents and additives) per pDOSm
  • Extraordinarily compact & space-saving
    and thus easy to retrofit during ongoing operation
  • Extremely flexible: up to 100 meters distance between dosing system and washing machines.
    Even floors or buildings can be bridged via cables.
  • separate arrangement of the control panel
  • The Permatech team has a wealth of experience in plant engineering and software engineering.

You need a flexible special solution? We flexibly respond to your requirements and wishes.

  • plug & play during operation
  • The complete system including all installations installed in less than 12 hours
    (for example, during the weekend or overnight).
  • electronic level control of the detergent containers
  • Warning and alarm (visual, audible or via remote access on request),
    for example in case of water pressure drop
  • practically maintenance free
  • Plant downtimes are virtually eliminated.

Washing machines that run.

  • particularly reliable technology
  • first-class components from leading manufacturers and suppliers
  • high quality materials, resistant to all chemicals – for example Teflon or stainless steel
  • depending on the system, no or only 1 pump and extremely few components.
  • PLC control according to industry standard
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with surge and lightning protection already integrated.
  • Reduced risk of chemical leakage in case of line rupture, as lines are flushed with water after chemical transport.

Smooth process due to superior reliability.

  • Reporting: permanent process control and process documentation
  • Comprehensive real-time controlling and fully automated process documentation
  • Sophisticated – easy operation and recipe management using Microsoft Excel.
  • Detailed statistics and evaluations
    for consumption (water, chemicals, energy, washed laundry) and trends
  • Open Excel files enable simple and fast further processing of the data (diagrams).
  • comfortable with separate operating monitor
  • Plant access via multiple PCs
  • Connection options for external signal cables (e.g. meters for water or energy)
  • All data from the last 3,000 wash cycles and the last 20,000 log steps (activities) are traceable – including external signals.


Measurable and controlled processes ensure your success.

  • Remote control and remote monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • You have the entire washing machine system under control.
  • Highest process control with central data access

You want to save costs and work for ensure a pure environment for our descendants?

Then contact us right away.
We will be happy to answer your questions in detail.