About Permatech

Global technology leader in liquid dosing for textile laundry

Who we are

  • Permatech is a leading manufacturer of systems for the precise metering of liquids and chemicals. We develop, produce and supply liquid dosing equipment.

  • Our headquarters are located in Cham (Switzerland, Zug).

  • Our offer is primarily aimed at detergent suppliers, manufacturers of washing machines and washing lines, laundries and laundromats. We offer the solutions we develop directly to our customers worldwide.

Rapid growth

  • Currently, nearly 10 dedicated employees are entrusted with software and system development: Top trained process engineers, mechanical engineers and software specialists guarantee technologically advanced products.

  • Through our technology leadership, we provide significant benefits to our customers and our environment.

  • As a result, we expect annual growth spurts in the double-digit range in the coming years.

save your money - save your planet

Users of Permatech technologies achieve serious savings by:

  • exact dosing of liquid detergents. With Permatech systems, users save impressive amounts of energy (especially heating energy), detergent, water and wastewater.

  • Avoidance of errors due to the extremely simple operation of the pDOSm liquid dispensing systems.

  • reliable and trouble-free operation of your textile cleaning equipment.

save your money - save your planet

  • Globally, detergents and detergents contribute significantly to the damage of our environment.

  • Extreme overdosing occurs worldwide, even when conventional dosing technology is used. Users and detergent suppliers want to be sure to always achieve a washing result of sufficient quality.

  • The exact Permatech dosing of detergents according to the recipes of the detergent system suppliers saves significant amounts of environmentally harmful chemicals. This protects our environment to a great extent. At the same time, the washing result is always perfect and the quality is assured.

Permatech is thinking about the future today and is constantly looking for new first-class distribution partners.

We are permanently dealing with questions about the future:

  • What competencies does the company need?
  • What do we need to be able to do tomorrow?

We are currently looking for distributors worldwide for Morgen.
These must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • excellent market knowledge
  • above-average willingness to perform and
  • high technical competence in the field of professional textile cleaning, textile laundry, textile production, chemical & pharmaceutical and / or laboratory technology.