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Perfect dosing technology for laundries

Permatech is the world’s technology leader when it comes to fully automatic dosing technology for liquids and chemicals for laundries and car washes. Permatech AG is also a leader in reporting and controlling in textile care. If you are looking for an extensive range of innovative dosing equipment or the perfect dosing system for your laundry, you have come to the right place. In the field of textile care, the company offers the ideal dosing technology for laundries.

Over ten years experience

Permatech has been an important manufacturer and supplier of dosing technology (dosing systems), especially in the field of laundry, for more than ten years. The correct detergent dosage for your washing line or washing machine is a complex issue and this is what the company specializes in. For correct operation and a good result, the dosage is always crucial. With ten years of experience, Permatech can score points in this specialist area

Continuous optimization of the technology

Permatech's know-how has been growing steadily in recent years. Especially in textile care in laundries, the dosing pumps (dosing systems) have been continuously improved. The company specializes in the field of central dispensing systems. Here, an entire laundry can be centrally controlled with just one dosing system.

Liquid detergent system supplier

Whether you operate within the industrial or commercial textile care industry, Permatech offers economical liquid laundry detergent systems. This allows you to seriously reduce your overall costs by optimizing the dosage of cleaning agents. Permatech also aims to keep nature and the environment healthy. Permatech thus actively makes decisive contributions to global environmental protection.

Reduce chemical and detergent consumption

You yourself also make this positive environmental contribution when you choose Permatech dosing technology for laundries. The company is vigorously pushing ahead with innovations and sees it as a constant challenge to keep optimizing dosing technology specifically for laundries. Thus, you as the customer become the total cost leader.

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What drives us

  • We are committed to keeping nature and the environment healthy for our children.
  • That is why we actively make decisive contributions to global environmental protection.
  • We see driving innovation forward powerfully as a constant challenge and enjoy doing so every day.

How we act

  • We make our customers total cost leaders.
  • Our systems for precise metering impressively reduce chemical and detergent consumption.
  • Handshake quality, openness and transparency are important to us.

Who we are

  • PERMATECH is a leading manufacturer of systems for precise dosing of liquids and chemicals.
  • Users of our technologies achieve serious cost savings.
  • Our offer is addressed to suppliers of detergent systems and textile cleaning. We offer the solutions we develop directly to our customers worldwide.

What our customers say

"We have been using several 10DOS8 dosing systems from Permatech for about a year. In this short period of time, we were able to save 35% on operating costs.
That alone makes us very satisfied. Overall, the operation runs much smoother and more reliably. We have less interference.
Our employees get along excellently with the system.

Arthur G.
Managing Director

2 years ago we converted our laundry to the Permatech 10DOS4 central dosing system and are extremely satisfied with it. Our operations and quality of work have increased significantly. What we particularly appreciate is the great production data acquisition that we regularly use for evaluations.

Helmut R.

We have been using 2 x 8smartWEB4 in our laundry for 1 ½ years. Since then, we have been able to significantly reduce our rewash, due to the consistent wash results. Proportional dosing has also saved us money and provided accurate data collection of the amount of laundry. Remote maintenance has made support from the auxiliary supplier much less complicated and faster.

Marius G.